SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD09
SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD09

SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD09

The SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD09: Explore Your Treasure Hunt with Unrivaled Features!

  • Advanced Anti-Interference Chip: Unleash unparalleled performance with an upgraded chip boasting automatic ground balance. Achieve powerful anti-interference capabilities that shield disturbances during treasure hunts, ensuring precise identification even in challenging environments.
  • Beginner-Friendly Operation: Discover effortless treasure hunting with a 1.5 times larger backlit LCD, tailor-made for beginners. Each mode on this gold finder metal detector features a corresponding silicone button, ensuring intuitive and user-friendly operation.
  • Enhanced Detection Abilities: Expand your detection horizons with the 10-inch waterproof search coil and delve deeper with an impressive 11-inch detection depth. This IP68-level waterproof metal detector empowers you to confidently explore beaches, shallow waters, and rainy-day hunts, offering the thrill of outdoor treasure discovery anytime, anywhere. (Please note: Control box is not waterproof.)
  • Streamlined Product Structure: Experience unmatched convenience with the upgraded telescopic cam lock design, enabling swift assembly in just one minute. The lightweight metal detector incorporates adjustable detection and forearm rods, catering to both adults and kids for a comfortable and personalized adventure.

Diverse Modes and Target Metals: Unleash your treasure-hunting potential with 5 optional modes: ALL METAL, DISC, MEMORY, JEWELRY, and PINPOINT. Easily identify 7 types of metals, while the memory function preserves your preferred settings, eliminating the need for repeated adjustments.

Discover the SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD09 – where cutting-edge technology meets ease of use, transforming your treasure-hunting escapades.

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  1. Francesco

    Veramente impressionante superiore ad altri metal da 300euro, puoi passare 15 ore di piacere in spiaggia senza dover diventare pazzi dietro i bib fasulli interferenze 0 preciso e molto professionale

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