SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD01
SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD01

SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD01

  • 360-Degree Detective Probe and Multi-Mode Functionality: The SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD01 boasts an innovative 360° probe design, expanding the detection area while minimizing the risk of losing targets. It offers three versatile modes – Vibration (Silent), Audio, and Vibration + Audio – catering to various environments, whether you’re in a quiet setting, a noisy location, or even exploring underwater.
  • Complete Waterproof Construction for Ultimate Flexibility: Tackle any weather condition confidently with the pinpointer metal detector’s complete waterproof design. It’s fully submersible in water, whether it’s heavy rain, lakes, rivers, ponds, or oceans, allowing you to uncover hidden treasures beneath the water’s surface. Unlike other leading waterproof detectors, the SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD01 can be fully immersed without compromising its performance.
  • Accurate Detection of Various Metals at Impressive Depths: Experience rapid and precise target identification with the handheld metal detector wand, capable of detecting a range of metals, including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver, and their associated items. Achieve precise positioning even in compact spaces, with a remarkable detection depth of up to 4.5 inches. Unearth what larger metal detectors simply can’t reach!
  • Effortless Operation and Portability: Enjoy a seamless treasure-hunting experience with the user-friendly, one-button operation. Simply power on (Long Press) or switch modes (Click once) to begin your adventure. Weighing a mere 5.3 ounces and measuring 10.5 inches in length, this lightweight, portable pinpointer is the perfect companion for adventurers of all ages, making it an ideal gift for various occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, and holidays.
  • Included in Your Package:

1x Pinpointer
1x 9V Battery
1x Belt Holster
1x Carrying Bag
1x Retractable Hanging Wire
1x User Manual
Experience exceptional performance and support with the SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD01.


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