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SUNPOW Metal Detector


Discover the Unmatched Excellence of SUNPOW Metal Detectors

SUNPOW Metal Detectors: Your Ultimate Choice in Treasure Hunting!

Cutting-Edge Anti-Interference Technology

Elevate your treasure hunts with our gold metal detectors featuring advanced chips and automatic ground balance. Unleash powerful anti-interference capabilities, ensuring accurate identification even in challenging environments.

User-Friendly Design for All

Experience intuitive operation with our 1.5 times larger backlit LCD, tailor-made for beginners. Each mode boasts a corresponding silicone button, making operation effortless and user-friendly.

Unrivaled Detection Depth and Range

Delve deeper into discovery with our 10-inch waterproof search coil, achieving a remarkable 11-inch detection depth. Explore beaches, shallow waters, and rainy-day hunts with confidence, anytime and anywhere.

Streamlined Product Structure

Assemble quickly with our upgraded telescopic cam lock design, ensuring easy setup in just one minute. Adjustable detection and forearm rods cater to both adults and kids, providing a comfortable and personalized adventure.

Diverse Modes for Expertise Unleashed

Uncover the full spectrum of treasure-hunting possibilities with 5 optional modes: ALL METAL, DISC, MEMORY, JEWELRY, and PINPOINT. Identify 7 kinds of metals with ease, as the memory function preserves your preferred settings.

Highly Waterproof and Rugged Build

Embrace outdoor exploration with confidence, thanks to our IP68-level professional waterproof design. Venture into diverse terrains, including beaches, lakes, rivers, and ponds, with the assurance of ultimate durability.

Unmatched Product Value

Beyond exceptional metal detectors, our comprehensive packages include premium digger shovels, headphones, carrying bags, batteries, and high-end packaging. Unbox a complete treasure-hunting experience.

Trusted by Experts, Loved by All

Join a community of satisfied treasure hunters who choose SUNPOW Metal Detector for its superior quality, innovative features, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Elevate your treasure-hunting journey with the brand that stands out in the market.