SUNPOW Metal Detector GC-1083
SUNPOW Metal Detector GC-1083

SUNPOW Metal Detector GC-1083

SUNPOW Metal Detector GC-1083: Unleash Your Inner Treasure Hunter!

  • Enhanced Detection Depth: Experience the ultimate in detection capabilities with our professional metal detector kit, now upgraded with a high-sensitivity DSP chip. Unleash its power in all metal mode and detect objects buried up to 10 inches deep – an impressive 2 inches deeper than comparable detectors.
  • Unrivaled Accuracy: Powered by cutting-edge integrated circuits, this metal detector’s advanced chip algorithm ensures both efficiency and accuracy. Say goodbye to missed targets due to rapid detection rates. Its remarkable anti-interference technology enhances precision, making your detection process efficient and reliable.
  • Versatility in Modes: With 5 distinct metal detection modes, this SUNPOW Metal Detector GC-1083 becomes your invaluable ally in coin and treasure hunting:
    • All metal mode: Detects 7 different target types.
    • DISC mode: Sequentially eliminates 5 targets (bottle cap, foil, 5¢, pull tab, 1¢).
    • Notch mode: Discriminates against unwanted objects, ignoring foil, 5¢, pull tab, and 1¢.
    • Pinpoint mode: Enhances target accuracy.
    • Volume mode: Adjust the audio output to your preference.
  • Adjustable and Water-Ready: Enjoy the thrill of detecting alongside your child with the adjustable valve stem (36.2″ to 47.2″), catering to both children and adults. Embark on treasure hunting adventures together or take it on the road to your favorite spots. The 10-inch waterproof search coil guarantees efficiency, enabling shallow water detection – perfect for seaside, beach, and stream exploration. (Note: Control box is not waterproof.)


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