SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD08
SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD08

SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD08

The SUNPOW Metal Detector OT-MD08: Elevate Your Metal Detection Experience with Cutting-Edge Features!

  • Multi-Signal Alerts: Experience 4 enhanced alert signals for detected metals. Upon detection, the LED light stroboscopes, accompanied by distinctive “Beep Beep” sounds and vibrations. The LCD screen displays precise signal strength, ensuring you never miss a find.
  • 360-Degree Detection: Unleash high detection sensitivity with the ability to locate objects, such as a quarter coin, up to 4.5 inches underground. The 360° needle tip probe and side scan allow precise targeting, making it ideal for narrow spaces and accurate small target identification.
  • Effortless Mode Switching: Navigate detection modes effortlessly with the OT-MD08 metal detector wand. A single press activates Sound & Vibration mode, followed by a second press for Sound mode, and a third press for Vibration mode. Easy mode switching ensures a seamless user experience.
  • Ultimate Waterproof Performance: Dive into metal detection without limits. Crafted from premium waterproof materials, the IP68 fully waterproof design allows underwater exploration in any weather, including heavy rain, and in diverse locations like lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans.


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